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Raven’s Secret

A novel for young adult readers


Branwen Riley has the Gift. She’s also been diagnosed with leukemia. This makes her the perfect person to investigate the rumors that geneticist Dr. DeGoia has found a way to pass the Gift on to others.

Her entire life, Branwen has been running away from trust. Every attempt to share her secret has ended with her mother uprooting her life. But now that she’s on the road to recovery, she’s found something she didn’t expect—friendship. A rich girl named Cecily has been dating Dr. DeGoia’s son, Nico. Together, they’ve been working behind-the-scenes to provide Branwen the cure she so desperately needs. Is this the clue she’s been searching for?

Questions mount when Cecily is killed in an attempt on Branwen’s life. It becomes clear that someone else has heard the rumors about Dr. DeGoia’s groundbreaking cure and is willing to kill for it.

All Branwen wants is to find Cecily’s killer but the police suspect that she might be involved somehow. To find answers, Branwen will need to get close to Cecily’s surviving boyfriend, Nico. But will a growing attraction for Nico cloud her judgment?

Branwen will need the power of the Gift—and a good deal of wits—to stay out of jail, to find the truth behind her miracle cure and stay alive.


It is the first novel in The Gifted Few series. A fast paced thriller with a supernatural twist Raven’s Secret is the first completed novel in what will be a YA series, The Gifted Few’. Part mystery, part romance, part thriller, it will delve into a world where genetic engineering has become a tool of murder. Raven’s Secret is 95,000 words in length